Contact me to find out more about my tailor-made specialist training courses for conference interpreters, including for the clients listed below:

Continuing Professional Development

English language enhancement for retour interpreters.

Consecutive interpreting refresher courses

Note-taking for consecutive interpreting

Interpreters’ induction course at the European Parliament

Recent training events

EN Retour workshop,
24th June, Interpret2B

Note-taking & memory in Consecutive, 31st August, JACI

Note-taking & memory in Consecutive interpreting, 2nd September, ATA

Watch this space!

Initial training

I give post-graduate initial training in conference interpreting at ISIT in Paris and MCI Glendon in Toronto and have also taught at the following universities.

Training of trainers

Teaching Consecutive Interpreting

How to give Feedback

Moodle for interpreter trainers


I’ve published several books for students and trainers of conference interpreting. Find out more on my author’s page at Routledge.


In 2004 I founded and still curate the Interpreter Training Resources website for student interpreters…. and I’ve collaborated several times with Lourdes de Rioja for the A Word in your Ear website… as well as with the Troublesome Terps podcasters. More recently I founded the Interpreters’ CPD Resources website.