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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is interpreting what a speaker says in real time. Ideal for big events and/or where time is of the essence. Usually requires interpreting booths to be installed on site.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves listening to what a speaker has to say and then, once they have finished, reproducing the same message in another language. The speech may be anything between a minute and 20 minutes in length. Ideal for site visits, small venues and events with a single invited speaker.


French, German and Polish into English


Confidentiality is a key tenet of my professional ethics. No information about or from meetings I work at is ever divulged to others.

Whispered interpreting

If you have one guest and/or an itinerant program whispered interpreting – simultaneous interpreting without the equipment – offers a viable solution.

Remote interpreting

Studio-based (“hub”) interpreting and RSI platforms offer clients the possibility to meet without the need to travel. Kudo, Interactio, Interprefy, Voiceboxer.


The service provided includes thorough preparation of often technical subject matter and documentation. Providing interpreters with the full documentation for your meeting is essential if you want the best results.