1. Consecutive without notes

This practical workshop will introduce and practise a variety of techniques for memorising content heard in consecutive-type speeches. We’ll practice those techniques both in isolation and in combination to give you something that is immediately applicable in the real world. We’ll also look at number of mnemonic techniques that interpreters have used in the past.

You can find all the details at Skilliga.com – Consecutive without notes

Date: 5th Jan 09.30-18:00, 6th Jan 09:00-12:30

Registration: by email to memory@andrewgillies.eu

2. Consecutive note taking

Over the last 20 years however a variety of empirical studies have shown that a structured and deliberate note-taking technique can improve consecutive interpreting. In this practical workshop we will revisit some of the fundamental techniques in note-taking and practise their use. Ideas, positioning on the page, margins, symbols and how to note less will all feature in the busy 2 day program.
This workshop is aimed at professional interpreters who can, or have at some stage already been able to do consecutive but are now a little rusty or looking to improve.

Date: 6th Jan 14:00-18:30 , 7th Jan 09:00-17:30

You can find all the details at Skilliga.com – Note-taking

Registration: by email to notetaking@andrewgillies.eu

Practical information

This workshops will be held in English.

Registration closes 16th December

Minimum number of participants: 12
Maximum number of participants: 16

Cost of 1 workshop: 240 euro

Cost of 2 workshops: 430 euro

with kind the permission of Rebecca Shorrock

Andy Gillies teaches at ISIT in Paris and Glendon in Toronto. He has also taught consecutive refreshers and training of trainers courses for the European Parliament, the European Court of Justice, and for AIIC and ATA and other professional associations. 

He is author of 3 books: Consecutive Interpreting; Note-taking for Consecutive Interpreting; and Conference Interpreting – A student’s practice book . He has also translated J-F. Rozan’s La Prise de Notes dans l’interprétation consécutive into English. Andy curates both the Interpreter Training Resources and the Interpreters CPD websites.


123, boulevard SEBASTOPOL

75002 PARIS

Central Paris, easy access

1km from Gare du Nord and Gare de l’Est

Metro lines 4, 8 and 11 all nearby

Cancellation policy

The course(s) will be confirmed when registration fees cover the costs of the course or cancelled at the latest on 15th December 2023.
Participants withdrawing before confirmation of the course will be refunded.
If the course is cancelled all participants will be refunded.
If a participant cancels after the course has been confirmed the course fee will only be refunded if costs are still covered.

Photo rights

Andy reserves the right to use photos taken during the course for promotional purposes. Anyone who does not want their image used in this way is invited to mention this to in an email or at the start of the course and photos in which they can be identified will not be made public.